The Papaya.Rocks Foundations

Papaya.Rocks is focused on people—their stories, accomplishments, the limits they pushed through, roads they traveled, their experiences, work, and their creative output. Without people and their imagination, we wouldn’t have anything to write about. They inspire us, we keenly await their new work, we take part in their actions, and take great pleasure in reporting their successes—often international. Their work and their accomplishments also inspire others, the youngsters just setting out on their individual journeys, as well as those still waiting for their moment, their big break. That’s why we decided to honor and recognize those who inspire us so much.  The Papaya.Rocks Foundations that have been making their way into their hands for the past couple of days are, first and foremost, a recognition of their accomplishments. The recipient list is far from closed—we’ll be expanding it regularly, constantly seeking out that which is fresh, captivating, but also recurrent and still worthy of attention. These names, noms de plumes, and names all, without the slightest doubt, make up the very Foundation of our site. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their work.