Papaya Films Presents Stories

We felt a need to tackle important social issues. To that end, we have created the Papaya Films Presents Stories project, which showcases short documentaries created by the most promising creators of the young generation. We create valuable content that takes a stand on important social issues and reaches its audience through social media.

The first film created as part of Presents Stories was the tale of Cleo, a young model known from – among other things – Marc Jacobs runway shows, who in her everyday life struggles with bipolar disorder. “Cleo, Here I Am” by Filip Tułak and Wawrzyniec Skoczylas tries to make moviegoers become more open-minded towards issues related to depression and mental health.


As part of Presents Stories, we have also made a short documentary about Pjus – a rapper who has completely lost his hearing to cancer. Two implants were inserted into his brain cortex, making him the first man in the world to have fully digital hearing. The documentary by Daniel Jaroszek premiered on February 4, which is World Cancer Day.

Papaya Films Presents Stories | “Untitled”

Presents Stories has also made its way to this year’s Pol’and’Rock festival. The film “Mamo, jest mi tu dobrze!” tells the story of the biggest music festival in Poland. Those few August days in Kostrzyn yield lifelong friendships, with hundreds of thousands of people merging into an integrated community that embraces everyone. The film by Michał Panasiuk and Ewa Pazera has truly impressive reach: in the first week from its premiere, over 600 thousand people watched it on various social platforms.

Papaya Films x Pol'and'Rock Festival 'Mamo, jest mi tu dobrze!'

We’re not slowing down, and our appetite for showcasing socially conscious phenomena and problems is only growing. Papaya Films channels will soon feature more entries in the Presents Stories cycle. To check them out, go to the Papaya Films profile on Facebook or Instagram. New films will also be published on Papaya.Rocks.