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Music Straight to the Brain. Elon Musk to Reveal Details of Mysterious Neuralink Project21.07.2020

The South African entrepreneur is scheduled to unveiled his latest invention in late August. 

In March 2017, Elon Musk announced the formation of Neuralink Corporation. Not long afterward, Bloomberg reported that the company had nearly a hundred IT professionals and experienced neurologists on staff, all of whom were working on an innovative brain-computer interface. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO remains surprisingly close-lipped when it comes to his latest endeavor. In a livestream last year, he revealed nothing beyond the fact that his own responsibilities include coordinating work over a device resembling a sewing machine, which is expected to implant the human brain with thin, flexible electrode threads capable of receiving signals from neurons and then transmitting them to a device located nearby. Neuralink expects its invention to be more than just a novelty for tech enthusiasts—its billionaire founder stresses that one of the company’s goals was developing treatment support avenues for people affected with grave neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases chief among them. 

Musk has recently announced that the company would hold a bigger event on August 28 to update the public about its progress. Alongside the conference, the entrepreneur also announced a slew of innovations he expects to ship with the Neuralink interface. Last Sunday, IT professional Austin Howard asked Musk on Twitter whether it would be possible to use his innovative interface to stream music directly into the brain rather than use headphones—and the entrepreneur answered in the affirmative. At the same time, Musk reported that he was working on allowing Neuralink to stimulate the nervous system with oxytocin, serotonin, and other organic compounds. “This would solve a lot of brain/spine injuries & is ultimately essential for AI symbiosis,” Musk added in a mysterious tweet.

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