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Alicia Vikander to Star as a Child, an Adult, and an Elderly Woman in The National’s Latest Video Effort13.05.2019

In "I Am Easy to Find", the Academy Award-winning Swedish actress plays an American woman from the near future, exploring her life from birth to death. The passage of time has been portrayed without any makeup work, using only masterful acting by Alicia Vikander ("Ex Machina", "The Danish Girl").

The 24-minute-long black-and-white film, produced to promote the American band’s eighth LP, was directed by Mike Mills, acclaimed film ("Beginners", "20th Century Women") and music video director (he worked with Air, Moby, and Blonde Redhead). Mills has also developed music videos for "Hairpin Turns" and "Light Years", two singles from The National’s upcoming album, slated for a May 17 release. 

Mills revealed that the creative processes of the musicians and the film director permeated and complemented one another: “The National gave me the stems for their songs, some were sketches some were finished and encouraged and allowed me to create my own versions of the songs to score the film. The album then features different versions of these same seven songs—and nine new songs which sometimes refer to the themes, texts, ideas from the film—but are their own work, their own piece of art,” Mills said in a statement released alongside "I Am Easy to Find".

Visit the website to find bonus materials, including versions of the film with commentary from the director or Matt Berninger, The National’s lead singer and frontman.

"I Am Easy To Find" - A Film by Mike Mills / An Album by The National
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