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The Best Films of the Decade in One Trailer02.01.2020

Louis Plamondon, a YouTube personality also known as Sleepy Skunk, has gained critical and popular acclaim with his annual movie trailer mashups. This year, however, he’s also compiled an anthology of the best trailers released over the past decade.

Movie Trailer Mashup of the Decade (2010 - 2019)

“I like to consider myself the Roger Corman of YouTube editors. It's not Tarkovsky but it's loads of fun to watch!” Plamodon writes in his brief YouTube bio, referencing legendary American director, who has frequently been called “the king of B movies” and “the pope of pop cinema.” 

The nearly eight-minute-long film comprises bits of footage from around 300 movies released between 2010 and 2019. The snippets, running anywhere from a couple to a dozen seconds, usually showcase best one-liners or highly memorable moments from the movies. The list of films featured in the mashup includes a number of Bond movies, Academy Award winners, Disney remakes, a couple of Star Wars installments and Marvel Cinematic Universe entries, as well as non-Hollywood productions, such as "Blue Is the Warmest Colour", "Foxtrot", "Oslo, 31 August", "Parasite", and "Amour". The mashup is split into three intertwined thematic sections, with each one set to its own musical key: a Woodkid track, the score to "A Ghost Story", and a song by Mumford and Sons, respectively. 

Aside from the mashup of the best trailers from the last decade, Sleepy Skunk’s channel also features a compilation of the best trailer from 2019 alone.

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