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The Medium. See the Live-Action Trailer for a Video Game Inspired by the Art of Zdzisław Beksiński15.01.2021

Conceived by celebrated Polish animation artist Tomasz Bagiński, the trailer was produced by Platige Image. 

With only two weeks left until release day, the Krakow-based studio Bloober Team has been stepping up its marketing efforts for its upcoming title, The Medium. Alongside an innovative split-screen single-player mode, the game also boasts striking visuals inspired by the fantastic imagination of Zdzisław Beksiński. The artist’s notorious apocalyptic imagery, like the painting of the ruined cathedral or the bizarre edifice of AA78, will now grace the virtual gamescapes on screens worldwide.

But that’s not all. In an eleventh-hour move, Bloober Team managed to recruit talented animation artist and director Tomasz Bagiński to direct a trailer for the studio’s upcoming release. An acclaimed filmmaker (his short The Cathedral was nominated for an Academy Award), Bagiński has made a name for himself in the video game industry with his collaborations with CD Projekt Red. In 2013, he produced one of the trailers for The Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt, and later went on to direct the first trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. For The Medium, he focused on two distinct realms—the real world and the spiritual world, fleshed out with the help of live-action performances (from Weronika Rosati and Marcin Dorociński) and director Paweł Maślona. 

In The Medium, gamers will play as Marianne, a woman tormented by horrifying visions, including that of the death of an innocent child. The unsolved mystery prompts her to take the investigation into her own hands, leading her to the Niwa, an abandoned Communist-era hotel. The harrowing journey will be scored by Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka, the latter known primarily for his work on the Silent Hill series. 

The Medium is slated for release on January 28, 2021. 

The Medium - Official Live Action Trailer
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