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Life in a Post-Soviet Housing Project Now the Subject of a Video Game15.03.2019

Fixing the radio, boiling potatoes, walking to and fro across the projects—these are all the things you can do as the protagonist of a new, surprisingly captivating video game that allows the players to get a taste of everyday life in post-Soviet Russia. 

The creators of "It’s Winter", Alexander Ignatov and Russian poet Ilia Mazo, focused on creating a faithful reenactment of the everyday lives of people living in sprawling housing projects, a distinctive feature of post-Soviet cityscapes. We can celebrate the winter by going on long walks, clean, cook food, or spy on our neighbors. An open-world sandbox game, it has no pre-determined missions, leaving the players to do what they want.


It’s a game about hopelessness: there’s no way you can leave the projects, there are no adventures, no breathtaking storylines. All you have is a broken radio, soul-crushing solitude, and endless snow. 

Released in English and Russian, the game is available through the Steam distribution platform.

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