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"Connected": New Netflix Documentary to Explain Surprising Connections Governing the World22.07.2020

The show is hosted by Latif Nasser, radio journalist, reporter, researcher, and podcaster, who travels the world to uncover complex and surprising links connecting mankind and explore our relationship with the world and the cosmos. 

Throughout Connected’s six episodes, Nasser will travel the world looking for similarities between clouds in the sky and data clouds, checking whether obscure mathematical principles apply to Beyoncé, gazing at Earth from outer space, and learning about methods of predicting tsunamis. The series’ narrator will also investigate the connections and mutual influences between chains of events across the globe—from the air we breathe, through Facebook posts, all the way up to Queen Elizabeth’s loo. 

“A single Google search takes the same amount of energy as a standard LED lightbulb on for three minutes,” declares the trailer for Connected and it seems that we can expect the series to be packed with similar bits of trivia. 

Scheduled for release on Netflix on August 2, Connected was produced by Zero Point Zero.Christopher Collins, Lydia Tenaglia, Erik Osterholm, David Mettler, and Latif Nasser himself serve as executive producers.

Connected | Official Trailer | Netflix

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