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Radom in pastels: a Polish photographer recognised by Apple02.10.2018

– The landscape of Radom is full of colours. People don’t appreciate it and I wanted to change that – Patryk Wikaliński, a photographer showcased by Apple, talks about Radom’s "pastelosis".

Symmetrical windows, balconies and multi-coloured walls – the architecture of big housing estates is something most residents of Polish cities are very familiar with. In the 1990s, when the estates were gradually falling into disrepair, the authorities of many housing cooperatives decided to repaint the grey buildings in bright pastel colours. The so-called "pastelosis" became a nationwide phenomenon. Nowadays some people hate it while others consider it a fantastic way to liven up urban space.

Patryk Wikaliński, a young photographer from Radom, presents tower blocks as an important element of Polish architecture and uncovers their unappreciated beauty. His iPhone pictures focus on symmetry and attention to detail. Patryk, who has been publishing his photos online for four years, was singled out by Apple. The company featured him in their Shot on iPhone campaign and put his work on their official Instagram.

“They contacted me in the middle of the night and asked if they can publish my photos. I said yes immediately. It is a very special kind of recognition to me, for many reasons – the main one being that I was the first artist they showcased with an animation featuring several pictures. It’s rare for Apple to showcase a single artist in such an extensive way!” says Patryk.

He admits he’s a minimalist and all the Apple hype is a bit overwhelming. So is the fact that his phone is now ringing constantly.

– It’s important to me that not everyone calls just for an interview, I want the conversations to turn into new projects. Worldwide, mobile photography is a thriving genre,, but in Poland we still don’t take it too seriously. There are lots of things an iPhone does better than not only a normal camera, but also a regular film camera.

There is also something else behind Patryk’s pictures: a desire to start up a dialogue.

– Whenever I’m taking photos on the estates, I try to talk to the residents. Most of them are surprised by my fascination, they’re often quite critical or tell me to get out. But then I show them my work and we start to talk. We chat about beauty and ugliness, or simply about what everyday life is like in such a huge building.

You can view Patryk Wikaliński’s photographs on his Instagram page.



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