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Jerzy Dytkiewicz: You need space 03.07.2020

He specializes in food films and tabletop productions. Experienced in working abroad, he combines extensive technical background with keen artistic sensibility. Meet Jerzy Dytkiewicz, another Papaya Films-represented filmmaker we would like to introduce you to.

Directing food projects blends two realms he finds fascinating. One is centered around food—its lusciousness, colors, scents, and textures. The other is purely technical—high-speed cameras, custom rigs, robots, and slow-motion shots. Working on films like these often combines visual art with engineering.

Tabletop Demo 2020.

Much of his portfolio involves projects developed abroad. Dytkiewicz honed his skills and gained international experience working on projects in Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam, Egypt, Vietnam, and Indonesia. “Working around the globe on big-budget projects you quickly learn discipline and efficiency. Collaborating with clients, agencies, and crews from abroad takes you out of your natural environment, where you know everyone and everyone knows you. It’s a very motivating experience,” Dytkiewicz says. “Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to get to know a place and its culture, which translates to personal development and higher quality work. It’s impossible to get that kind of experience at home,” he adds.

Previously, Dytkiewicz worked in advertising as an art director and graphic designer. These experiences taught him that nurturing artistic vision is at least as important as accomplishing strategic objectives. Over the course of his career, he’s worked with a number of brands, including McDonald’s, Lisner, Panera Bread, Dan Cake, Tymbark, Krups, Hochland, Velvet, Samsung, Kubuś, and Łowicz.

Tabletop and Food Film commercial for ClasMild. Director of live action and tabletop - Jurek Dytkiewicz.

In Dytkiewicz’s view, the success of complex tabletop productions often hinges on having enough time, time to test everything through and check whether the setup will perform on set as the director intended. You need space to test the rigs, the robot movements, and need time to introduce potential modifications of improvements.

Unlike other food and tabletop directors, Dytkiewicz actively avoids limiting himself to one style and refuses to be pigeonholed. He likes to experiment, looking for novel solutions and approaches. Dytkiewicz is deeply committed to perfecting his craft, honing his skills, breaking out of predictable patterns, and moving forward because it’s diversity and mutability that best help him push the envelope as a filmmaker.

See Jerzy’s portfolio HERE.

McDonald's Ukraine - Ice cream by Tabletop Director Jerzy Dytkiewicz
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