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A step ahead. New working standards for pandemic times23.06.2020

Dealing with health and safety isn’t a game. Yet as this new Mission Safety retro-styled video game shows—successful completion of subsequent missions allows us to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection. See how Papaya Films’ working methods have been modified for the COVID-19 era.

Mission Safety. New working standards for pandemic times

Even before the official restrictions were announced in Poland, Papaya Films had already imposed restrictions on the maximum number of people in our office. From the beginning of March, our Warsaw office gradually emptied, and all our operations went into remote mode. These procedures were introduced two weeks before the official government regulations. Most of our work moved into a virtual space. Without leaving home, our production teams created databases for locations and casting. We came up with new production techniques for realizing shoots and readying equipment. This situation lasted for over two months.

During the pandemic, decisions were taken to put new standards of conduct in place. Changes in the office had already been introduced earlier—so that the space had become well-adapted to be ready for the moment when restrictions were relaxed – meaning a safe return to work at Papaya Films! After a period of home isolation, leaving home and a change of scene was a long-awaited relief for many team members. Keeping to continuously changing government guidelines and taking care of security, individual teams began returning to the office.

What changes have been made? How’s the office been prepared to ensure that everyone feels safe in it? Check out some of the best practices from Papaya Films.

  • Above all, limiting touch-points on surfaces in any given space. All possible office elements have become non-contact—taps, soap dispensers and disinfectors. When entering the office, non-contact voluntary temperature measurement is also taken - done by a camera mounted at the entrance - but it doesn’t store or process the personal data.
  • Throughout the whole office there are also over 20 new containers with disinfectant liquid, meaning that before entering each room, you can quickly disinfect your hands. 
  • Working hard in our office, a fogger cleans and disinfects the space. Delivering a sprayed substance, in the form of a dry, cold mist that gets rid of viruses and bacteria but is safe for people.
  • What’s more, Papaya Films has introduced a limit on the number of people who can be present in the office at one time. Of course, making sure people stay the required 2 metre distance apart. As an additional safety measure, polycarbonate barriers have been introduced between desks and at the reception desk to protect colleagues and visitors. Lockdown eased – Mission Safety accomplished!
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