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Environmentally-Friendly School to Receive Prestigious RIBA Award21.11.2018

Children Village is a boarding school sitting on the edge of the rainforest. 

RIBA, the prestigious architecture prize given every two years by the Royal Institute of British Architects, has been awarded to Children Village in Brazil, a highly unusual border school located at the very edge of the Brazilian rainforest. 

The Children Village complex has been designed by the two architects behind Aleph Zero in collaboration with Marcelo Rosenbaum. The development of the project, comprising an environmentally-friendly school and dormitory buildings, was preceded by lengthy discussions with future students, which helped the architects define their needs. One of the most interesting innovations implemented in the building is the way it uses wood and concrete as insulation to keep conditions inside at optimum levels, even when temperatures outside reach 40 degrees Celsius. 

The complex takes up nearly twenty-five thousand square meters. Divided into separate section for boys and girls, the boarding rooms are located around three shaded courtyards. The place is screened from the sweltering sun by a sprawling roof made up of laminated slats and supported on stanchions.


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