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Creativity Without Limits. Another Series of Papaya Young Directors Stories Podcasts is Underway22.01.2021

Previous episodes within the series "tips from the world of film" have brought us closer towards famous directors of photographers, scenographers, directors and critics.

Soon it will be time to start sending ideas for the 8th edition of Papaya Young Directors – one of the largest international competitions for young filmmakers. The organisers of the event have already revealed the categories in which they can be submitted. Alongside last years categories: advertisement, vertical film and music video, there is a new addition. Aspiring directors, directors of photography and screenwriters will have the chance to create a project for one of three organisations fighting for women's rights. Those are Cosmos for Girls, Camera Femina and Kuchniate African Refugee Women's Collective.

Before the competition starts it's worth looking at some inspirations which accompanied our past finalists in their endeavours to create their own treatments. Not long ago we presented on Papaya.Rocks six different film directors who approach their projects in an unusual and unconventional way. Together with some of the most promising creators that have gone through Papaya Young Directors, we have been questioning what exactly the word talent means. The focus of our search was not by chance as this year's key phrase for the competition is It's All About Talents.   

The start of the competition also brings the return of the podcast Papaya Young Directors Stories, which can be heard on most streaming platforms. The guests of these podcasts and representatives from all corners of the film world: actors (Maciej Stuhr), screenwriters (Agnieszka Kruk), directors (Kasia Adaik, Jagoda Szelc) and critics (Łukasz Maciejewski). Who will we be hearing in the premier episode of the years podcast? That is yet to be announced, but they revealed a short, two minute intro to this seasons project. The official trailer can be seen below.

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