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New Film from "The Room" Director. Tommy Wiseau Unveils Trailer for "Big Shark"

Tommy Wiseau, widely considered the man behind the worst movie in history, is poised for a filmmaking comeback. Big Shark will tell the story of three firefighters who have to protect New Orleans and its people from a huge shark terrorizing the area. 

Wiseau pulled double duty on the picture, directing and starring in the lead role. The rest of the cast includes Greg Sestero, The Room’s notorious Mark (and author of The Disaster Artist, later adapted by James Franco into a movie by the same name), and TV C-lister Isaiah LaBorde. The poster and first trailer for Big Shark have been recently released online. 

BIG SHARK Official Trailer 1 (2019) Shark Movie HD

Although the career of Tommy Wiseau is more or less a string of artistic failures, he has managed to accrue something of a cult following throughout the years. His most famous film, the 2003 drama The Room, has often been called the worst film in moviemaking history, with some critics going so far as to label it “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.”

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