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"A human is an outrageous phenomenon and what a prize that we get to be one". See "Out of the Blue", a biopic about an eccentric Baltimorean20.02.2020

The producers describe Jim Hall as a passionate, bold man whom they see as an example to follow. 

The directing duo friendzone—Jon Bregel and Steve Hoover—are known for their portraits of remarkable and unique individuals. Outside of their collaborative pursuits, Bregel heads production company called Variable, while Hoover works first and foremost within the documentary genre. His directing credits include the Sundance Award-winning "Blood Brother" (2013), which followed an American tourist who moved to India to work with HIV-infected children, as well as "Almost Holy" (2018), a story of an Ukrainian pastor working to rehabilitate drug addicted children. 

"Out of the Blue" is another film portrait and a testament to the courage and the indomitable spirit of the protagonist—retired architect Jim Hall, whose contributions to the shape of Baltimore’s urban landscape spanned over years. At the same time, he was covering his entire body in blue ink, becoming a living work of art in the process. In the documentary, he explains that in contrast to other colors, blue lacks meaning almost entirely and that’s why he ultimately chose it.

“A human is an outrageous phenomenon and what a prize that we get to be one,” he says.

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