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Papaya Films announces cooperation with Martin Aamund13.04.2021

Martin’s eclectic life experiences and sensible directorial eye have made him the award-winning director he is today. His work is a unique form of artful realism, where oddities and the deftly surreal manifest and toy with the mind. Perhaps Martin’s inner child takes over when he’s in the director’s chair, or perhaps he’s learned to wrangle a special type of madness.

Martin Aamund cut his directorial teeth making documentary films for Channel 4 in the UK and France’s Canal Plus. The focus on realism and emotion in those formative years remains with him today, now balancing a distinctive style which pulls between two extremes: reality and fantasy.


Dreams are always on his mind, like a word at the tip of his tongue that he can never articulate. He creates worlds in which a film can live on its own, worlds wrought to life with cinematic tools.

Sky - Balloons (Directors Cut)

Whatever his method, it has worked out for him. Audiences love the hard-to-define humor and style of his work. His directorial know-how has been recognized with awards at the Cannes Lions, Epica, Clio, and New York Film festivals; and he has directed ads for the likes of Budweiser, Johnny Walker, Nikon, San Pellegrino, T-Mobile, Sky and Peugeot.

Turkish Airlines - Five Senses
San Pelligrino
Budweiser - FA Cup

Born in Denmark, Martin lived in Hong Kong, the United States, and Barcelona before returning to his roots in Copenhagen, where he currently resides with his family.

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