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Paul McCartney Hypnotizes Emma Stone In His New Video19.12.2018

Who Cares is the current single from Paul McCartney’s 17th solo record, Egypt Station. It is accompanied by a music video, or rather a musical short film, in which the former Beatle shares the screen with Academy Award Winner Emma Stone.

In the video, McCartney plays a “behavioral hypnotizer-meteorologist” employed by Emma Stone. The clip, directed by Brantley Gutierrez and Ryan Heffington, might at first glance draw comparisons to the films of Wes Anderson, especially in terms of the color palette and style of opening credits. But as the plot unfolds, we are cast into a crazy world of mimes, makeup, cardboard props, and eccentric dancers.

The video for Who Cares, a song about abusing those who are weaker, was created in cooperation with non-profit organizations Creative Visions, Artemis Rising Foundation, and Blue Chip Foundation as part of the #WhoCaresIDo public awareness campaign.

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