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"Stranger Things" Reimagined as 1980s Anime09.07.2019

Popular animation network Octopie published a short film inspired by the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. The short, reimagined as a Japanese anime, was developed by NYC-based studio Humoring the Fates.  

"If Stranger Things Was an 80s Anime" is a fan-made film based on the hit Netflix series, which recently launched its third season. In less than two minutes, the video goes through the series’ most iconic moments and key plot points, often taking them in new, alternative directions—for example, fan-favorite character Barb appears in the short as a cyborg.

If Stranger Things was an 80s Anime

Distributed by Octopie, the video’s been a spectacular success, and has definitely contributed to the hype around the series. Both the reactions of viewers, who encouraged the studio to produce a full anime series, and the stats collected by Netflix itself, testify to the overwhelming popularity of its flagship production. In four days since the premiere, the third season of "Stranger Things" has been watched by over forty million registered users—a record for the streaming platform.

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