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Women’s Stories – Take a Stand on an Important Issue in Papaya Young Directors vol. 814.01.2021

The Women’s Stories subcategory was envisioned as a part of the Vertical Stories by Facebook category. In this section, contestants will have the opportunity to produce vertically shot content inspired by briefs drawn up by three women’s rights organizations—Camera Femina, Kosmos dla Dziewczynek, and Kuchinate.

While the three organizations that have helped is bring the new subcategory to life all work toward women’s rights in different ways, their founders share the same goal—to show how crucial it is for women to have a voice and to be able to speak about their needs. In this subcategory, contestants will be able to boldly and unreservedly discuss women’s issues by giving them a proper voice of their own.

Organizations involved with the subcategory:

Camera Femina – the Camera Femina Foundation advocates for increased women’s participation in culture, arts, and public life. The Foundation’s primary aim is to promote the film works of female directors telling herstories from different corners of the globe. The organization also holds workshops and carries out equality mainstreaming projects that seek to alter the androcentric narrative in arts, science, and business.

Kosmos dla Dziewczynek – an organization dedicated to helping girls see the universe of opportunity before them, and offering them avenues of harnessing their own powers. And the foundation is ready to move the whole Cosmos in the pursuit of its main mission—to assist and support future generations of Polish women in writing their own stories. 

Kuchinate African Refugee Women's Collective – a psychosocial project focused on refugees, intent on securing rights for the most vulnerable asylum-seeking women. The Kuchinate collective helps women earn a fair wage with their arts and crafts work and interact with the public by way of artistic collaborations and social inclusion. 

To participate in this subcategory, contestants must be between the ages of 20–35 (by birth year). 



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