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Henry Scholfield: The way to get to the top07.08.2020

Papaya Young Directors, a competition aimed at aspiring directors in the film industry, is expanding its diverse educational scope. PYDstories is a series of podcasts featuring film, advertising, and music experts that touch on various topics such as the function of music in film and advertising, the director’s role on the set, creative processes in music videos and scriptwriting.

Henry Scholfield is from the self-taught school of filmmaking—he never went into a proper film school, but he made sure he went through everything there is to learn about making films online. It brought him to the place where he is one of the most recognised music video directors in the UK, making promos for STORMZY or Dua Lipa, among all. And with those promos, he collects millions of views on YouTube and a bunch of awards.

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