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For the Mental Health of Our Youngest. See the Moving Animated Film "Nobody is Normal"12.11.2020

The film was financed by Childline, a UK counseling service for children and young people offering advice and support with whatever issues they might be facing. 

Childline provides a range of counseling services, free of charge, giving children and teens a place where they can safely talk about emotions, violence, addiction, and sex. It also offers a number of resources for kids struggling with self-worth and anxiety. The Childline website features a series of games, articles that help children know themselves better, and relaxing videos. Most recently, the list of resources grew with the addition of Nobody is Normal. 

“Nobody is normal and (…) however weird you feel inside you’re not alone,” reads the brief caption under Childline’s latest video, a stop-motion puppet video scored with one of Radiohead’s biggest hits, the aptly-titled "Creep". Nobody is Normal tells the story of a high-school student, who starts his day by pulling on his uniform—including a life-sized human mask. Beneath that mask hides a tangle made up of his true feelings and problems, struggling to break free. 

The film was helmed by Catherine Prowse, a household name in the stop-motion industry renowned for her work on public awareness campaigns. Her credits include animations for Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Penguin Random House, and Cancer Research UK. Prowse received as many as three awards from the Royal Television Society, an educational charity whose mission is fostering discussion and analysis of television in all its forms, and the oldest television society in the world.

Childline: Nobody is Normal

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