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Change the Outlook on Advertising – New Sponsors of the 2019 Papaya Young Directors Competition On Board03.01.2019

The latest, sixth edition of the Papaya Young Directors competition launches on January 14, 2019. The competition is aimed at students and recent graduates of arts and film schools as well as everyone interested in using film and video to tell great stories. The creative competition offers young creators an opportunity to craft unique and engaging ads in collaboration with leading and cutting-edge brands. 

To participate, register through the user panel after the competition launches on January 14 and upload a director’s treatment describing your idea. Your concept needs to comply with the creative starter which outlines the expectation a given brand has for its prospective ads and their creators. 

The sponsors supporting the 2019 edition of the competition have all embraced a bold, unconventional, but patently effective approach to advertising and visual marketing communication. This year’s participants can expect briefs from brands such as Durex, Decathlon, Allegro, and Desperados. Today, we’re excited to announce that they will be joined by McDonald’s, Nationale-Nederlanden, Żywiec represented by the Męskie Granie project, BGŻ BNP Paribas, and Coca-Cola. 

McDonald’s—We were surprised by the results

The second place in the 2018 PYD competition was taken by Michał Radziejewski’s “Two Words” developed for McDonald’s. Michał Kubik and Łukasz Stachniak, two members of last year’s jury said of Radziejewski’s work: “We were very surprised by the end result. The commercial was more or less ready for airing.” The brand has again joined the competition this year, once again offering young filmmakers a brief that will allow them to bring their ideas to life. And although the sheer number of submissions for the 2018 edition definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations, McDonald’s is hoping that this year the competition will pull in even more young creatives.  

PYD 2018 Michał Radziejewski “McDonald's - Two Words”

Nationale-Nederlanden—we speak frankly on important matters

“We look for inspiration in innovative and intuitive solutions that offer a sense of security and comfort and make life easier,” says Konrad Gałecki, Digital Marketing Expert at Nationale-Nederlanden. The filmmakers that will choose the Nationale-Nederlanden brief will have to offer a fresh, intriguing, and approachable look at insurance. “Looking back past editions of PYD, the creative potential of the participants is obvious. We’re convinced that the sheer imagination of this year’s creations will be a pleasant surprise to us all,” adds Gałecki. 

Żywiec and Męskie Granie—it’s high time for new categories

Throughout the past five editions of PYD, the participating filmmakers have clearly proven that creatively interpreting the competition briefs is one of their biggest strengths. To showcase their sheer breadth of their collective creative potential, the 2019 PYD will feature a new category, music videos, that we’ve worked on in collaboration with Żywiec. Męskie Granie’s parent brand will offer participating filmmakers considerable creative freedom and the opportunity to approach the music video genre in an unorthodox, unconventional way. “Męskie Granie and PYD share a similar mission, that’s why we couldn’t dream of a better partner for our original video project that will accompany this year’s Męskie Granie tour. Together, we can offer aspiring filmmakers and director an incredible opportunity to bring their artistic visions to life and develop fresh, novel visual forms,” says Ewa Krelik, Senior Manager of the Żywiec brand. The music video category will launch on March 23, 2019. 

Coca-Cola – genuine stories, positive emotions

This year, the iconic brand, whose marketing communication has always revolved around open and cheerful people, would like the competition participants to highlight the power of family and community. “We want to show people that we can achieve more if we take care of the relationships we form with others. But the only way we can achieve our goal is if we tell genuine stories. As a brand, we’re not interested in creating an idealized, unrealistic vision of the world. We believe that the most valuable stories are the ones that talk about the emotions we experience everyday,” says Ula Czerniawska, Brand Manager at Coca-Cola. In collaboration with PYD, the brand would like young filmmakers and creatives to focus on and craft advertising narratives that draw on memories and the dreams that move us and inspire us to act.

BGŻ BNP Paribas—people mean passion and persistence

“We’re here to support people in accomplishing their goals and make their dreams come true. We’re here to help them change their world in ways big and small, as every big change is a sum of many smaller ones,” says Dariusz Maciołek, Managing Director of Communication and Marketing at BGŻ BNP Paribas. Seeking out and standing up for good brand values is part of Papaya Young Directors’ overarching mission. Teaming up with BGŻ BNP Paribas will allow aspiring filmmakers to creatively take on the area of mobile banking and craft a story about how technology is rapidly reshaping our world. 

Submissions for the main category of the 2019 edition of Papaya Young Directors will open on January 19, 2019 and run through February 29, 2019. The music video category will launch on March 23, 2019, with director’s treatments submissions open up to April 10, 2019. 

The best treatments will be selected by a jury composed of leading advertising industry figures, including creative directors, copywriters, cinematographers, and directors. The selectees will then take part in an original pre-production workshop, while PYD finalists will receive development grants to finance the production of their ideas. The grand finale of the competition will be held in June. The five previous editions of the competition yielded eighty films for thirty-one sponsors. We’re looking forward to seeing the new crop advertising masterpieces that this year’s competition will bring! See the PYD website for more info. 


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