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What Is Talent? The Finalists of Papaya Young Directors Answer 21.01.2021

Alicja Kozak / "Że jestem" Natalia Przybysz's music video directed by Marta Kaczmarek (behind the scenes)

The eighth edition of contest aimed at young filmmakers starts on 15th of February. 

The focus of this year’s edition of Papaya Young Directors—one of the biggest international competitions for young filmmakers— is a decisive one. The organizers are looking for talented and bold creators. Just like in previous editions; contestants will have the opportunity to choose from three different categories, creating ideas for ads, music videos and vertical films. Alongside, there are some new additions. This year they have introduced a new subcategory—Women’s Stories—where young creators will have a chance to narrate the story of chosen NGOs partnering with PYD: Camera Femina, Cosmos for Girls and Kuchinate African Refugee Women's Collective.

So, what is talent? Is it something that can be described and has a universal meaning? We decided to ask a few of our past talents to help us build a definition of this elusive term. Meet the finalists of the previous editions of Papaya Young Directors and their understanding of what talent can mean.

Eduard Micu 

Talent is a skill that you’re born with or a skill that you gain through practice. And practice is the best university you can ever attend.

Karol Wójcicki 

I think that talent isn’t something you’re born with, but a boldness in developing your passion, perseverance and curiosity.

Kuba Zarzycki

Talent is like a car — It’s cool to have one, but it’s essential you learn how to use it and how to fuel it.

Monika Jarosińska

For me talent is an aptitude that everyone has. It’s connected with intuition and taking risks. You need to take risks and have faith to do things your talent and intuition leads you towards. There is nothing worst than being unable to discover your talent, because you have no faith you’ve got any. I believe it is so important to trust your guts and follow it. And to do so you need to have this faith, because you can’t be sure others will just see it and help you. You need to be the one pushing yourself forward.

Natasha Mwansa 

I think someone that is talented is someone who’s able to lean into a particular skill or ability and make it something unique.

Paweł Dyzio Włazewicz 

Talent for me is doing things right with ease. And when there is pleasure in it – then you’re set.

Szymon Kuriata

I never believed in an inborn talent or a natural predisposition to do something particular. For me it is all about  unbridled and unrestrained faith in your ideas. Only then there is a chance to come up with those mind-blowing ones.

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