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Discover Your Talent. The 8th Edition of Papaya Young Directors Contest Just Round The Corner 11.01.2021

Papaya Young Directors's press kit

Future participants can choose from three categories – they can brief and shoot advertisements, music videos or vertical clips. 

Papaya Young Directors 8: It's all about talents! / autor: Papaya Films

Papaya Young Directors is a one-of-a-kind initiative that creates a unique opportunity for young filmmakers opening the door to the industry for creative talents. Through the competition’s Main Partners, finalists get the chance to make a video for a big international brand as well as gaining access to a wide networking hub and unique insight from film, music and commercial experts.

The whole initiative is driven by a mission to create an inclusive network for creators which Papaya Young Directors is able to form thanks to the support from our Main Partners whose briefs are the starting point for young talent to make their films. Launching in 2014, Papaya Young Directors Competition has grown to become one of Europe's most prestigious contests for young filmmakers. In 2019, the 6th Edition of the contest went international, accepting director treatments from all over the world, and for the first time taking a closer look at other talents such as editors, screenwriters, animators, composers and more.

This year, the organizers decided to add a new subcategory to the competition, Women’s Stories/Vertical Stories by Facebook, which is a place where the talents may narrate the story of one of three partnering charitable trusts focused on girls and women. It's Camera Femina popularizing movies directed by female directors, Cosmos for Girls supporting young teenagers as well as breaking biased stereotypes and Kuchinate aiming at refugees trying to find their new home. Each of associations embodies how diverse the modern feminism is. 


The final films always interestingly blend the commercial and filmmaking world, and tell stories that are engaging, inventive and at times emotionally powerful. This is due to the continued support finalists get from the Papaya Young Directors team and the knowledge that they have full creative control over their project.

To explore the limits of their creativity, filmmakers need opportunities that allow them the freedom to think and create—only then will they be able to take a step back and realise what potential they really have. Since the pandemic hit, fewer and fewer of these opportunities for young emerging filmmakers exist and yet it is incredibly inspiring that the 8th Edition of Papaya Young Directors Contest isn’t going to take a break with submissions opening from 15th February 2021.

You can apply for Papaya Young Directors contest if you are between 20-35. There will be three categories for you to submit your treatments: BRANDED STORIES, MUSIC STORIES and VERTICAL STORIES by Facebook with an additional subcategory WOMEN STORIES

Papaya.Rocks's been taking the media patronage over Papaya Young Directors contest since the webpage was established. Not only do we update on its process, but also interview its participants about their inspirations and attitude to the world of cinema. 

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