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The Strength of Human Connection in a Socially-Distanced World. See the Short Film "Air"26.11.2020

Shot on 35 mm stock, the film seeks to remind us that although we may be deprived of physical contact, we don’t live in a vacuum.

No matter how hard they want to, they can’t hold each others hands or give each other high fives, and have to keep at least one meter apart at all times. Although they have to maintain their distance and refrain from touching each other, the characters in Air are still bound together by the emotions they share. They dance, walk their dogs, ride their skateboards, and go out together.

Earlier this March, the world found itself thrust into a very difficult and peculiar reality, one that excluded such staples of our communal existence as spending time together, going to shows, or building close relationships. “Exclude,” however, may not be the right word in case of David Findlay’s film as everyone we see in Air tries their best to keep their connections strong despite the extremely trying circumstances. “Nothing can come between us,” declares this short but very important film.

This visually stunning paean to the strength of human connection was lensed by Farhad Ghaderi. The unique perspective brought by the Iranian-Mexican filmmaker already shone in his earlier, critically-acclaimed and award-winning efforts, such as The Good Fight (2017) and Odd Girl (2019).

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